shdwDrive V2 Incentivized Testnet

  1. Node setup guide:

    1. This is one of the best guide in the industry. Professional and easy to follow.

    2. Requirement:

      1. OS: ubuntu 22 (tried ubuntu 20, not work)

      2. CPU threads + 32GB RAM + 250GB SSD

    3. After setup, use this command to check the ongoing status:

    tail -f config.log | grep "finalized"

  2. Monitoring:

    1. Docker + Prometheus + Grafana

    2. Again, top guide in this area

  3. DAGGER public dashboard:

Restart node:

sudo systemctl restart wield

For the testnet, for every update, clean every directory:

rm -rf /mnt/dag/historydb/* 
rm -rf snapshots/snapshot_* 
rm -rf replicated_db_init_from_snapshot/* 
rm -rf dbs/peers.db/*

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