Announcement: https://dusk.network/news/announcing-incentivized-testnet/

Install Node: https://docs.dusk.network/itn/node-running-guide/

Upgrade Node: https://docs.dusk.network/itn/upgrade-node/

For all error messages I encountered, the is a solution if we search in discord.

Error 1: When using cli to operate wallet, I got the error:

thread 'main' panicked at 'Invalid cache IO error: While lock file: /root/.dusk/rusk-wallet/cache/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable', src/bin/main.rs:86:35

The solution is to clear cache.

rm -rf ~/.dusk/rusk-wallet/cache

Error 2: Index error

// this will delete all chain data, no snapshot for 0.16.0
sudo rm -rf /opt/dusk/rusk/chain.db/
sudo rm -rf /opt/dusk/rusk/state/

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