In this guide, we will use a script to install Bitcoin Core on Ubuntu 22, and sync up to the latest block. The script code is here.

  1. Login root user. Run this command. Input RPC username and password. Record them, they will be used in the Atomicals node in the future.

wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./
  1. Check the syncing progress. Other than block number, the verificationprogress is the percent of the progress which is more meaningful.

bitcoin-cli getblockchaininfo
  1. It takes 3 days to sync up, needs 632 GB disk space.

Note: the full node setup and sync up don't need a wallet address. So no wallet is involved. Run bitcoin-cli listwallets. It returns an empty list.

  1. Backup (Optional) - this will take long time

root@ubuntu:~/.bitcoin# du -h
9.9G    ./chainstate
46G     ./indexes/txindex
46G     ./indexes
189M    ./blocks/index
576G    ./blocks
632G    .

We will backup the chainstate, indexes and blocks. This will take a long time, better execute in to screen session.

zip -r -9 -s 2g blocks chainstate indexes

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